Brazil Economy Opens 2012 Very Positively


In the first ministerial meeting of the year, Brazil’s Finance Minister, Guido Mantega, predicted that despite the current global financial crisis, Brazil’s economy will continue to grow in 2012, and may even surpass its growth for 2011. 

Just a few of the factors contributing to the growth include a strong job market, strong growth both regionally and internationally, and increasingly even distribution of wealth.

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Embraer company has committed to building Super Tucano planes at Jacksonville Int’l Airport, according to the mayor’s office.

“This is great economic news for Jacksonville,” Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown announced in a statement this afternoon.  Embraer plans to assemble Super Tucano light attack planes for U.S. military use as part of a Department of Defense $355 million contract.  The project will create 50 high-wage jobs, according to Brown’s office.

Two months ago, Brown and Gov. Rick Scott traveled to Brazil where they met with executives from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

NPR Interview: Potential Impact of
Trade Mission to Brazil

Listen Here: Alan Vinson, CEO of Brazil Business Solutions, predicts the impact of Governor Rick Scott and Mayor Alvin Brown’s recent trip to Brazil on job creation in Florida and Jacksonville.


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Feliz Ano Novo!!

We hope that you have a wonderful year in 2012!

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NPR Interview on Brazil Trade Mission: Alan Vinson interviewed 11/8/2011

Here is a link to an interview related to the recent Trade Mission to Brazil in which guest Alan Vinson, CEO of Brazil Business Solutions, talks about the impact on Florida and Jacksonville.

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Mayor of Jacksonville, Alvin Brown, Participates in Business Roundtables ACP

Monday, October 25th marked a very important event for the relations between Jacksonville and Brazil.  Brown had, for the first time, been approved for a meeting by the Board of Foreign Trade and International Relations (Concex-RI) of the Commercial Association of Paraná (ACP).  One of the primary reasons for the meeting was to secure future relations between Brazil and the US.

The meeting was part of the ACP Nations  - Cooperation Without Borders, which aims to retain relations  with 150 countries by 2012.  This meeting was made possible by several people, including Alan Vinson (far right),  who are committed to establishing beneficial relations with the thriving nation.  To read more about this meeting, click here.

Brazil’s Immigration Surges

For the first time in 20 years, the number of immigrants surpasses the number of Brazilians.  Over the past 6 months, immigrations has been increased by an astonishing 52%.
These statistics are due to two major happenings recently in the country.  The first is the economic boom Brazil has been experiencing, which allows more Brazilians to find work in the country rather than searching abroad.  It is also creating a strong desire to do business in the country by foreigners.  The second is former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s Immigration Amnesty, which granted permanent amnesty on a 2 year path.
Read more about the statistics and pros and cons of the matter here in The Rio Times.


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Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown Visits Curitiba Brazil

I travelled with the 5 person delegation to Curitiba Brazil on Oct 25th. We had a great visit and spoke to several important city officials and two trade organizations. Pictured here at the Mayors office in Curitiba.

Mayor Brown in Brasil.jpg

Mayor Alvin Brown, Jerry Mallot, Greg Driskell, Alan Vinson, Lara Lacerda Santos Rodriguez

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No Visa = More Business

The trade mission began with a briefing by the US State department, and a prominent Brazilian law firm on Monday morning. There we learned a bit about the current state of affairs in Brazil, and the challenges of actually doing business in Brazil. To listen to the briefing you would have thought they were trying to talk the crowd OUT OF doing business in Brazil. With tax burden, and employment laws and bureaucracy Brazil is not an easy place for a company to make it. A start up company had better have good advice before taking the plunge.

One interesting thing we learned is that there is currently an effort by both governments to lift Visa requirements for travel back and forth between Brazil and the USA. There were actually people around the event we saw with T-Shirts made up they were wearing emblazoned with the slogan “No VISA = More Business”. It is true, that lifting the requirement of Brazilians and Americans to have a VISA for travel to the other country would have a very positive effect on tourism and ultimately on trade between the two countries. Isn’t that what we all want? Hopefully this effort will get some legs in Congress. We would love to see the lifting of the VISA requirements.

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Brasil is on Spotlight this week

This week Brasil is in the spotlight with the Governor of Florida, three Mayors, 5 Port Directors and some 50 companies from Florida coming to Sao Paulo for a four day trade mission. Our delegation arrived at the designated hotel and there is much enthusiasm as all fellow delegates get to know each other and prepare for a week of targeted meetings set up by Enterprise Florida. These Florida companies were able to have arranged meetings with potential customers, distribution partners and suppliers. The mood is very optimistic, and it should be a great week of connecting and fact finding. This trip is all about creating jobs, and it should do just that in the years to come. Stay tuned.

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Brazil’s Boom Needs Talent

Brazil’s recent economic boom has put multinational companies in a hiring frenzy.Companies are looking for qualified employees, but are finding that they are needing to educate their own employees. This is resulting in stronger internships, spending more on training, and relocating workers from abroad. English-speaking engineers, managers and experienced business developers are specifically sought after.
Read the whole article here:

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Enterprise Florida Forum in Miami

Brazil Under the Rousseff Administration
Brazil as a Global Player

June 23, 2011
Miami, Florida

The University of Miami Center for Hemispheric Policy cordially invites you to attend the last of the series of three programs on Brazil under the Rousseff Administration. The last program is entitled “Brazil as a Global Player”. The confirmed speakers are Christopher Garman, director and practice head for Latin America at Eurasia Group, Washington, D.C; Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C.; and Amaury de Souza, visiting fellow at the Center for Hemispheric Policy, and senior partner at MCM Associated Consultants and Techne, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

For further information, please contact:
Isabel Artime
Center for Hemispheric Policy at the University of Miami

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